Our Story

This is my story, my loves, my travels, so much to say but where to start.

This adventure started when I started writing about my travels about 10 years ago. I had a travel blog called thedancingpixie, I’m not 100% sure where the name came from but I think the idea was simply that I was a pixie dancing around the globe.

The name stuck and here were are! I spent 10 years wandering the globe collecting some amazing things from painted bottles in the Caribbean to mosaic tiles in Turkey, hand carved necklaces from Navajo Nation and woven dresses from Guatemala.

Each piece reminds me of a place and time in my past, and I love now being surrounded by them in my home.

Our beautiful team has grown and we have found so many little places all over the globe, so many cultures, so many surprises, so many things that have touched our hearts. We want to bring a little piece of each of those places and tell their story, giving you the opportunity to have them in your home and inspire you to find some treasures of your own!

May your toes grow hairy with wandering……