Blue Wheat Tea Towel

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Made from 100% French linen, hand printed and hand sewn in Turkey, our frayed linen tea towels are simply stunning and deliciously soft.
Frayed by hand and pre-washed for extra softness, your kitchen will love being dressed in this delicate linen. Kitchen linen has never looked so elegant, with a casually crinkled finish, these linen tea towels will be with you for years come.

Meet the Artist:

Neslihan Algunerhan, is a textile designer from Istanbul. Having received her Fine Arts degree with the emphasis on Traditional Turkish hand-crafts, as well as studies in carpets and rugs. Neslihan further mastered serigraphy techniques with renowned artists in Istanbul.
After designing for a home textile brand for a few years, Neslihan started to shape the Nauna brand; Linen prints with molds using water-based paints.
At a time when everything is consumed so quickly, printing with a traditional technique and by hand was obviously very good for her. Every fabric has traces of nature. Her inspiration comes from the culmination of patterns, colours, photography, drawings and paintings and most importantly, mother nature. In her unique creations she revisits the traditional patterns and reinterprets them by applying natural paint-print techniques that are rarely used in the modern world.

All the Details:

Size: 45cm x 60cm

100% Linen
Naturally durable
Machine wash at 30 degrees
Iron inside out
Line dry
Do not bleach

Why we love linen:

Pure linen washes and wears incredibly well AND it gets softer with every wash. Whilst it looks as delicate as a flower its actually tough as nails!  Looked after, you can use it for generations.

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