Recycled drinking glasses

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This set of four drinking glasses are lovingly made in Chile using re-claimed and recycled bottles.  The organisation behind these beautiful glasses is taking one small step to reduce the world of rubbish and increasing the world of recycling!  They pay higher than market rates to their collectors and employ refugees in their home factory.  This company rocks and we are super excited to be a part of their revolution!

The Om set of four glasses carry the symbols of the Arab and Indian culture:

The Hand of Fatima represents strength, power and blessing, in addition to the evil eye protection.

The Flower of the Lotus is for the Buddhist world the purity of the body and the soul.

Buddha means “enlightened” and he is awake to the world. However, his eyes are closed because they evoke spiritual concentration and purity.

Ganesha represents the formless deity. His elephant head symbolizes infinite wisdom, so he is in charge of putting order in the universe.

Height:  11cm

Diameter: 7.5cm

These glasses are safe for dishwashers but the print will fade over time, we think it’s best to hand wash these beauties!


Made in Chile

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