Raised Tulip Salad Serving Bowl – White

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These bowls are sold on colour as every bowl is hand painted and will have a different design, this means that you get your very own one-of-a-kind bowl!

This relief technique is fairly new in Turkey, it keeps with the traditional tulip and carnation print but painted with stunning colours. These bowls are fairly deep they comfortably hold enough salad for 6 people. We also love using them as a serving dish for pasta on a cold winters day. These bowls also look great sitting on a table as a fruit bowl or just as a decorative piece on the mantel piece! Please remember each of these bowls are hand painted so no two bowls are alike and you may find perfect imperfections in each one. We recommend you wash this product gently with soap and water, however they are dishwasher, microwave and food safe.  Head to our social media pages for great videos to see these beautiful bowls being hand painted in Turkey.

  • 10cm deep from middle to top
  • 30cm diameter

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