16 piece Mosaic Chandelier #1



If you want to get your guests talking, this is the piece you need, it is incredible.  This Chandelier has 16 globes with varying lengths,  it features a Middle Eastern Frame and closed bottoms and a mixture of coloured globes.  Each Chandelier will be supplied with totally different colours.  If you would like a particular combination, we would love to make it up for you.  For an explanation of all your options see our info on creating your own chandelier.  All our ceiling lights come with fittings and LED globes, all you need is an electrician to wire it up for you!

  • All our chandeliers are made from high quality brass that will not rust or corrode.
  • No chandelier will ever look exactly alike as each globe is handmade
  • Height: approx 188cm
  • Weight: approx 10kg

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