The Bag – Ocean


Long Sculptural Ceramic Vessel – Green


The Bag, is a hand sculptured vessel.  This incredible piece belongs at the entryway to a house or the back patio, where ever you choose to put it we promise you are going to love it as much as we do!

Meet the artist: Claudia Hidalgo is an internationally renowned contemporary Chilean ceramist and visual artist.  Her works in ceramics are characterised by large pieces, whose construction resembles woven fabric, and is hand built and fired in one piece.  The unique stoneware pieces are made with Chilean Gres clay, taking the material to the edge of it’s resistance.  Hidalgo uses concepts from Latin American history of ceramics with a high degree of abstraction, altering the formats of the object, transforming its utilitarian practical into a piece of art.

As with all of Claudia’s work, each piece is unique and we have only listed a select few online.  If you would like to see a broader range of what we have, please call us for a video call at a time that suits you.

  • Height: 46cm
  • Width: 47cm
  • Diameter: 57cm

Made in Chile

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