Design your Chandelier

The Space

Designing a chandelier starts with a call from someone like you! Someone who has seen our chandeliers online, or in Turkey at the Grand Bazaar, or in Morocco, or in a shop somewhere on their travels! Generally people have an idea of where they want their chandelier to go and we start by talking about what size they need to fill that space. If you have seen one of these chandeliers in a shop somewhere they can often seem very big and when you get it home and hung it looks quite small in the space, so size is an important discussion. The choice of frame and choice of globe bottom changes the measurements slightly so if you have limited hanging height these options might need to be taken into consideration.


After this comes a choice of frames, we have three frames which I have nicknamed, the Wedding Cake, the Spider Web and the Circus Top. The spider and cake are both open so you can still see the ceiling, where as the circus top is closed. Generally the closed tops look great in a corner, or over a table, whereas the open frames look amazing in an open space.

Circus, Spider Web & Cake Frames
Circus, Spider Web & Cake Frames

Our frames hang in two different models, the spiral or mixed length. The mixed lengths go pretty much anywhere but the spirals are a different matter!  We love finding new places for our spiral chandeliers to hang, imagine hanging one in the corner of your living room, you don’t even need high ceilings, in fact the lower it hangs the better, half a meter from the floor and you have an upside-down floor lamp! Recently we helped design two, five piece spirals to go either side of a bed head. The finished result was amazing, they framed the room perfectly and provided a beautiful calming light in the bedroom.

Bottom Piece

Open bottom & Closed bottom
Open bottom & Closed bottom

Next we choose bottoms! Open or closed, pretty easy and most people have a pretty strong idea of which they prefer.  The open bottoms obviously provide more light directly underneath the chandelier which can work well over a dinning room table.


Colour! This is where the fun really begins, we like to get an idea from our clients the colours they want. We also try to find out what sort of person they are, do they like things neat and tidy or do they like crazy and mixed up. This is especially important with the big 16 and 25 piece chandeliers, if you are quite a calm person and you have a jumbled mix of colours hanging above you head, it may slowly drive you mad! On the other hand if you like order and calm then having a blue, green, clear calming chandelier may be much more your style. You can still have some multicolours in there but in an ordered manner!

Final Touches

So we start by sending pictures and/or a little video of our first try and go from there. We go through each globe and change them depending on what our clients like or dislike, we send pictures back again and get more feedback. Quite often when you change one globe we need to change the surrounding globes, it’s a little like a rubik’s cube on steroids! We go backwards and forwards until our clients are 100% happy and love every single globe. We can add extra pieces on the bottom if you need extra height and can make small changes to the lengths of certain chandeliers. Eventually we get to a point where we have clients who have designed their own chandelier, their own piece of art that gets packed and shipped off to the home that it belongs in!

We love this process, it may sound complicated but when taken through it step by step you realise it is a whole lot of fun! When your piece arrives and you finally hang that chandelier you’ve designed yourself you can’t help but sit back and see a magnificent piece of art hanging from your ceiling!

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