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We thought it would be a fun experiment to see the results of making Christmas cookies alone vs baking and decorating with the kids! Keep reading to see the final products!!!

Our favourite Christmas cookie recipe is by Recipetineats. We are huge fans!! It is a simple sugar vanilla cookie that works every time. We use this recipe each year and absolutely love it.

View the Recipetineats Christmas Cookie Recipe here

Making Christmas cookies alone

Christmas baking
Christmas Cookies Recipe
Christmas cookies recipe

After some calm and quiet in the kitchen it was time for the kids to enter the kitchen. We will let the photos do the talking for the chaos the ensued (yes that is a cookie cutter stuck on a wrist!)

Vs Making Christmas cookies with kids!

Christmas baking with kids
Christmas baking with kids
Christmas baking with kids

Even though it is certainly more peaceful baking alone, you can’t compare to the energy the little ones bring to the kitchen and we think both results are just as great!

The end results!!!

Christmas cookies recipe
Mum’s cookies
Christmas Cookies with Kids
Kids cookies

We hope this inspires you to get into the kitchen for some fun family baking this Christmas.